How to reissue a lost passport

How to reissue a lost passport?

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An official document issued by the government that certifies someone’s identity and citizenship is a passport. A passport enables travel to foreign countries while being protected by the government.

The Passport Office has two main steps for issuing a new passport when one is lost. The first involves issuing a brand-new passport, while the second entails reissuing an outdated one.

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Lost passport? The missing passport procedure got you confused? Do you need to know how to apply for a lost or stolen passport?

This page discusses how to get a new or duplicate passport and provides information on the required paperwork and application price for lost passport applications.

You will require a new passport if your old one is stolen, lost, ripped, dirty, or otherwise compromised. I’ll outline the process for requesting a lost passport here.

But first, let’s go through some crucial information and steps for obtaining a passport replacement.

Your first stop after losing your passport must be the closest police station. For this, a person must bring a copy of their passport as well as a proof of address.

Identity theft may come from passport theft. This is a serious offence where the offender might use his own photo instead of yours and cross borders illegally, implicating you in the crime. The problem gets trickier if you misplace your passport abroad.

This is why you should always have your passport’s number, issuance date, expiration date, and issuing country with you. Additionally, when travelling, keep a copy of your passport or a picture on your phone.

Reasons to Apply for Reissue of Passport

One may request a passport reissue for any of the following reasons:

  • alterations to personal data such name, birthdate, and address.
  • The passport’s validity has passed three years or will do so in the near future, or it has been over three years since it was last valid.
  • The passport holder must apply for a new passport if the passport booklet has been destroyed or defaced, has reached the maximum number of available pages, or has otherwise run out of pages. If the passport holder is unsure of where their passport is, they must file a FIR at their local police station and submit the FIR along with their application for a new passport.

 Difference Between Passport Renewal & Reissue

Regarding passport renewal and reissuance, there have always been many misunderstandings.

Despite the widespread misunderstanding that they are the same, passport renewal and re-issuance are separate procedures. Below is a detailed explanation of the differences between passport renewal and reissuance.

Renewal of passport

When a passport’s validity was to be extended to 10 years, similar to the ordinary passport, it was necessary to renew it because it had been issued for a brief period of time (1 to 5 years).

You must bring your old passport with you if you want to renew it. Only the passport’s validity will change; the passport’s number will not. The current/old passport will be changed, then issued again as a new passport.

Passport reissue

 When a passport holder requires a new passport, the old passport is reissued. When a passport is renewed, the holder receives a fresh booklet with a fresh passport inside. Reissue and renewal of passports can occasionally be misunderstood. Passports are reissued in the following circumstances:

Insufficient pages in the present passport, a passport that is no longer valid, a passport that is about to expire, a passport that has been lost or stolen, a passport that has been damaged or unclean, or a passport that has had its personal information changed (except for validity)

Documents Needed for Passport Reissue

Applicants must provide particular documentation while requesting the reissue of a passport.

The usual paperwork required for someone to apply for a passport renewal is listed below. It should be mentioned that the Passport main office may require extra documentation from the applicant depending on the situation:

Identity proof:

The applicant’s full name as specified in the application must be present. This is necessary because it ought to appear on the person’s passport and official documents.

Age verification: The applicant must additionally provide proof of their birthdate. Proof of age can be a birth certificate or school transcript that indicates the date of birth.

Address proof: A piece of documentation proving the applicant’s residence is also required. The address on the paper must match the address on the application form.

 Photos: Even though the majority of passport offices have cameras that can take passport-sized pictures of applicants, anyone requesting a passport renewal must still provide two recent passport-sized pictures of themselves.

Previous passport booklet: The applicant must also provide their old passport booklet in order to get a new passport.

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Don’t panic if you lose your passport. A lost passport can be simply duplicated and issued again. You don’t need need to misplace your passport. It might even be taken.

The passport may be misplaced or stolen at any time, so it’s important to know how to obtain a duplicate to prevent any future issues. I, therefore, hope you enjoy this post. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us; we are always delighted to assist you!

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