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Monsoon season treks to do in India



Valley of flowers is situated at the height of 3505 m,  in the western Himalayan region in Uttarakhand. It is also declared a world heritage site by UNESCO because of its rich variety of flora and fauna. You will enjoy the most in monsoon as it is the peak time of blooming. The Valley of flowers is popularly known as pool ki ghati.

This beautiful valley is filled with flowers, and some are rare to find like blue primula, the valley is flawlessly nestled with a carpet of flowers including geraniums, Himalayan rose, marigold and numerous wildflowers near the hidden lake are lilies, daisies, saxifrages, sediums, poppy, zinnia, petunia, calendulas and many more. As you step into the valley the splendid nature will make you feel like you are in paradise.

The place is just as according to its name the valley of flowers, or it can be renamed the valley of paradise. The mesmerizing view of the valley is so peaceful to witness. The bestowed immense floral gift of nature is so delightful. People who don’t believe in fairytales may change their minds as the valley is not less than that. 

You can have the best experience in monsoon and it is one of the safest treks to do in monsoon. The best time to visit is from June to october.  

Hemkund sahib 4 hours away from the valley of sahib is an attraction for tourists and Sikh pilgrims. It is located beside the lake hemkund, the high-altitude lake also known as the lake of snow. You will find many pilgrims trekking to the hemkund and valley of flowers and the trek is kind of busy and you will not feel alone through the trek. 


  • It takes 5 to 6 days. You have to reach Haridwar. The nearest airport from Haridwar is Dehradun. Then a 10-hour drive from Haridwar will take you to Govindghat which is 300 km away. Witness beautiful scenic views throughout the journey in the lap of mountains.
  •  The next day you will be driven to nearby village poolna from where the trek of 5-6 hours will start which will take you to ghanghoria, explorer ghangaria for the day you will find many dhabas while trekking. Eat and rest for the next day. 
  • The third day will elevate you from 9600ft to 11500 ft to the valley of flowers 4 km each way, which will take 6-7 hours. And after reaching the valley. Valley itself opens its arms for you which will release all your tiredness at once. Take photographs, and appreciate the beauty of heaven on earth. After that, you are heading back to ghanghoria from where the hemkund trek starts. Which will take 1 extra day. 
  • Now you will be elevating to 14000 ft or above. It will take 9 hours. the oxygen will also fall. You have to take a rest in between to avoid sickness. So you have to start the trek early and wake up before sunrise. Enjoy your time around this panoramic stunning lake. And head back to ghaghariya.
  • On the 5th day, you are heading back to Govind ghat which will take 5-6 hours. And a 4 km drive. Enjoy the place and nearby places like Auli. 
  • On the 6th day, you will be driven back from Govind ghat to haridwar. 


  • Harischandragad trek, Maharashtra is one of the best treks to do in monsoon, in western ghats. though a tough one, it will be a piece of cake with the best flavour. You can visit a stone age cave with three broken pillars, they say the earth will come to an end when the fourth pillar breaks. It is a 2-day trek at an altitude of 4690ft. Surrounding by greenery which gets more splendid in monsoon 
  • Valley of flowers, Uttarakhand this phoolo ki ghati is no less than a paradise with immense beauty. It is a world heritage site listed by UNESCO. The valley has numerous flowers of different colours and is so adorable to watch and feel them. The valley is located at the height of 11500 ft. You can also witness colourful butterflies, birds and deer.
  • Sinhagad trek, Pune

It is one of the most beautiful treks near Pune, which gives you a stunning view of sunrise and sunset from the fort. The greenish mountains are such a Breathtaking view to watch. Perfect place for a picnic. It is a 2-day trek.

  • Kashmir great lakes, Jammu and Kashmir

In this trek, you will see 7 lakes different from each other in shape and size. The trek is truly for wanderlust and the monsoon season is the best to do the trek. It will take around 8 days. Elevating you to around 13000ft. 

  • Beas Kund, Himachal Pradesh is near Manali and is surrounded by big giant mountains on three sides. Looking like a guardian angel, you will see the formation of the Beas river which you will be seeing while coming to Manali. The trek is full of adventure. 

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