Tips For Beginners To Prepare For The Defence Exam


It has been observed that a swarm of students start their defence exam preparation right after completing their studies. As they have just left their schools and college and had not prepared for any competitive exam before, they face a number of difficulties during defence exam preparation. If you are also a beginner, this article will surely act as a boon and help you start your defence exam preparation efficiently and constructively. 

Now, a question might be oscillating in your mind,  ‘what is wonderful about this article’.  So, we have mentioned some amazing tips and tricks that will help novices to prepare productively for the defence exam. Don’t worry about outcomes as these are proven tips and will work wonders for you. Apart from tips, if you want to get proper guidance from experts for your CDS exam preparation, you can consider seeking help from a marvelous platform that provides excellent CDS coaching in Chandigarh


Here are some great tips for beginners to prepare for the defence exam: 


Develop Positive Attitude 

First, shun the thought that you are a neophyte and won’t be able to crack the exam in one go. When you develop a negative attitude, it impacts your performance. Therefore, you must have a strong belief in yourself and must develop a positive attitude so that nothing can demotivate you throughout your preparation journey. Being optimistic will not only boost your confidence but will upgrade your performance as well. So, start your defence exam preparation confidently and constructively by developing a positive attitude.  


Design A Foolproof Strategy 

The right planning is required to start something in an appropriate manner. In the same way, it is essential to craft a foolproof strategy for effective defence exam preparation. Furthermore, implementation of strategy regularly is also required to attain positive results because only a layout of the schedule won’t work for you. Well, aspirants make a lot of mistakes while designing a strategy. So, here are some steps you need to consider to design a flawless study schedule during defence exam preparation: 

  • Lay equal emphasis on each section. 
  • Don’t stretch your study session beyond 40 minutes. 
  • Take a short break after each study session to freshen up your mind.
  • Set daily and weekly deadlines to complete the exam syllabus timely.  


Go Through Previous Years’ Question Papers 

So, it is crucial to be familiar with the exam pattern and marking criteria if you want to start your exam preparation appropriately. Well, past years’ questions papers are an ideal source to enhance your familiarity with the exam pattern, syllabus and marking scheme. So, go through plenty of past years’ question papers to know the crucial details of the exam you are preparing for. Well, just observation isn’t enough. It’s better to solve these papers for better practice as well as better performance. 


Stay calm 

Being a beginner, a number of things will confuse you. Furthermore, you will encounter a number of unpredictable situations. Well,  it isn’t good to pressurize yourself if situations are not in your hand. If you keep on stressing, you may not be able to focus on your exam preparation. So, keep yourself calm in every situation so that your mental health won’t hamper your exam preparation. You can practice meditation and indulge yourself in your favorite activities to find peace of mind. Apart from it, breathing exercises and soothing music can also help you out. 


Get proper training 

As you are a novice, you need the right direction and proper guidance to start your defence exam preparation effectively. So, you can get training from an expert having immense experience in the relevant field. Your tutor will explain your every concept, resolve your doubts, give your preparation tips and tricks and properly assist you at each phase. Well, the biggest challenge here is to choose an apt trainer who has a vast knowledge of the exam you are preparing for. Otherwise, it will not be worth it and you will end up spoiling your efforts, money, time and exam preparation. 

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Summing up

To sum up, there is no doubt that preparing for the defence exam for the first time will be full of troubles. Well, you can easily tackle every problem by following the amazing tips mentioned above. 

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