Why is Exfoliation best for the skin: Blemiviv Experts Recommendation

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The major and most important benefit of using an Exfoliating Scrub is the removal of damaged skin cells. It is very significant to eliminate dead skin cells for radiant and flat skin. These damaged and dead skin cells make your face dull and dry. Exfoliation is a process that plays a vital role in skin care. Your pores will clean, and there will be no damaged skin cells after using this process. Regular Exfoliation is best for your skin because it allows more diffusion of moisturizers in your skin for better results.

What is a Face Scrub Actually?

It is a skin protection invention used to eradicate dead skin cells from the external layer of your skin. It decreases the chances of blocked skin pores and acne breakouts. Blemiviv koncept offers different products which are available in the market. Different kinds of Scrub are made up of ingredients like cinnamon, coffee grounds, sugar, apricots, honey, oats, etc. are easily obtainable.

What is the consequence or Benefit of scrubbing on your face?

Blemiviv koncept provides a scrub that contains bristly particles that exfoliate your skin. When you apply the Scrub to your skin, the particles present in it rub your skin again and remove all the dust from your skin. This milky liquid can also help you to remove the damaged skin cells from your skin surface and make your skin smooth and shiny.

9 steps to use an exfoliating scrub of blemiviv koncept:

There are 9 different steps to using a Scrub:

  •  Wash your face with water gently, and then dry your face.
  • Take a little scrub quantity on your hand.
  • Apply this Scrub to your face.
  • Rub your face gently, applying the least pressure.
  • Always focus on the corners of your nose, upper lips, and cheeks while scrubbing.
  •  Scrub your chin and neck area for more than 15 to 20 seconds.
  •  After finishing the process, cleanse your face with normal temperature water.
  • In the end, dry your face by using a soft towel.

Is the Day and Night Face Kit of Blemiviv for all skin types?

For glowing and smooth skin, use the Day and Night face Kit of the skin brand. Their skin experts offer purely natural products. Organic products of well-known brand have high medicinal values and have no side effects. Almost all ladies are conscious of their face, acne, or dark spots. They deliver a skin care product that awakens nerve cells and removes damaged cells, and makes your skin glowing and soft. Their organic products are free of sulfates and other sticky substances.

If you want to get scars-free skin try to remove the dead parts of the skin An exfoliating scrub makes your skin soft and shiny by rubbing away and by removing damaged or dead skin cells. Blemiviv  provides risk-free natural products for your skin.


Day and Night Face Kit of Blemiviv Koncept makes your skin glowing, soft, and attractive. Their products remove the dark spots from your skin, moisturize your skin and protect the upper layer of your skin from sun rays.

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