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When Vaping, Are Seniors Safe? Disposable vape


Even knowing that cigarettes cause life-threatening diseases, millions of people around the world still smoke. It is said that smoking causes slow death. You may be glad to read this if you’re an old person who smokes. But let’s clarify this point: please know it doesn’t mean smoking exceeds your life span. I just mentioned this to add a hilarious effect to this extremely sober topic as Disposable vape.

Anyways getting back to the point. Here the meaning of slow death refers that smoking makes people suffer and leads their lives towards a steady and painful ending.  While vaping is safer and doesn’t have as bad effects as smoking. In fact, there are also nicotine-free disposable vapes which are comparatively way safer than cigarettes.

As the answer to whether vaping is good for old people is concerned, the answer can’t be straightforward. This is because it depends upon various factors. Before getting into that, it’s important to discuss the difference between smoking and vaping.

Smoking vs Vaping:

As cigarettes include tobacco and thousands of toxic chemicals, they cause numerous extremely harmful diseases. These diseases include cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, and diabetes.

In contrast, vapes are incredibly safer than cigarettes since they don’t produce tobacco and other chemicals which cause such diseases. So, regardless of the age factor, cigarettes, in all ways, are extremely detrimental to health. Instead, as vaping has been introduced as the best alternative to smoking, many people use vapes to replace cigarettes.

Furthermore, whether you’re an old person or a young individual, smoking is always dangerous. However, old age brings weakness, vulnerability, and health issues, which makes smoking the worst thing to do. Vaping can be suitable for you if you use disposable vapes products like ivg diamond bar to replace cigarettes.

How Cigarettes and Vapes Affect Health Differently:

Hazardous substances that are inhaled while you smoke spread throughout your body. The chemicals reach your brain, heart, and other organs within seconds after your initial smoke. Nicotine is a compound that is addictive and commonly used in both traditional cigarettes and disposable vaping kits.

Additionally, the only substance that causes your brain to release the relaxant chemical dopamine is nic-salt. Dopamine is a “feel good” hormone that boosts your mood, enhances your focus, and gives you more energy. Even though both cigarettes and vapes contain nicotine, using nic-salt using vapes is better. The reason behind this is discussed further in this blog.

Vapes are better than Cigarettes:

Many smokers think that smoking helps them relax. They might not bother that nicotine in vapes and cigarettes has different properties. The nicotine in vapes is found in e-liquid, wholly distinct from cigarettes’ tobacco component. Also, compared to smoking, vaping contains very few elements that cause harm.

As a result, utilising vaping is a healthier and safer method of relieving yourself. If you are a former smoker who wants to switch, It is advised that you begin using vapes with a disposable product. This is due to this vape’s cost-effectiveness and almost maintenance-free nature.

Bottom Line:

Whether you’re old or young, smoking always remains injurious to health. However, already knowing the hazardous effects of smoking cigarettes, you may keep doing it. This is due to several reasons, including nicotine addiction, smoking out of habit, or making yourself relax. Many people smoke because they believe it reduces stress and is relevant. The reason is that nicotine in cigarettes releases a chemical called dopamine, which relieves the human brain and body.

However, these factors cigarettes include tobacco and other poisonous chemicals, which cause life-threatening diseases. In comparison, disposable vapes such as IVG Bar Max 3000 are free from such harmful effects. So If you smoke cigarettes, it is recommended that you switch to vaping since vapes are better. To know the details, you can read through this blog.

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